Synthesis MicroSystems Inc. was incorporated in February 1988, specifically to design and develop a customized software system for the property management industry. That system, now called ConStar Finance, went into production in January 1989 and has been servicing the property management industry ever since.

Development tools

Developed using the Delphi Integrated Development Environment, ConStar Finance uses either a Paradox or a mySQL database engine. The source code language is Pascal.

Software development is an on-going process and our systems are constantly undergoing changes and improvements as clients request additional features and functions.

Pricing Model

The software is licensed to our clients, who pay a monthly license fee based on the size of the portfolio and the length of the contract, as well as a monthly customer support fee based on the number of units under management. Customer support is un-limited and software updates are delivered at no additional charge.

Features and Functions

ConStar Finance is a highly customizable application which gives clients the ability to define the “personality” of their system. Each installation is unique.

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