Property Management, made efficient and easy.

Our product is an original custom-designed suite of applications tailored to the needs of the property management industry.

Operating since 1988, our product can manage a variety of property types, including condominiums, rentals, commercial, co-ops, and timeshare. Each property type triggers its own behaviours and language.

Corporate management for property management firms is also included and ties in to the financial activity of client properties.

Our product is constantly being upgraded through client requests as industry requirements change. These upgrades are distributed to all our clients at no additional charge.

Our product includes un-limited customer support that ensures smooth running operations for our clients.

Our product is incredibly efficient at processing high volumes of information, which means our clients can do more with precious resources. That translates into more profit!
Please review our sample reports and our system demonstrations to get a sense of what our system could do for your property management operations.

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